Peter's Battle for Bylong

Peter Grieve runs Talooby Angus Stud in the pristine Bylong Valley. This is Peter's battle for Bylong: 

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  • Pip Hovis
    commented 2016-09-21 23:14:13 +1000
    This is a continuous and continuing tragedy of greedy people who don’t care what they do to others and the environment. As Peter says, there are and have been coal mines before but not in such sensitive areas. They used to be sited away from communities, vulnerable land and valuable food growing land too. Governments seemed, once, to consider this fact when giving approval but not any longer. It seems that Developers and Big Business (miners, pharmaceuticals, chemical producers) have instant access and approval while the People have none. It is a crime – fear the current TTP being negotiated for the power it will hand to Big Everything.