A Special Place

The pristine Bylong Valley has some of NSW’s best agricultural land and has historically hosted beef, dairy and crop farming and horse breeding. Today it is predominantly beef cattle and lucerne hay production, with some crops.

Since the 1850s it has bred thoroughbred horses, including racing champions and ‘Walers’ which carried the WW1 Light Horse Brigades. KEPCO bought out the last remaining, significant thoroughbred horse breeding stud, practically extinguishing what was a vital equine industry in the Valley.

The Valley’s beauty is renowned and it is a National Trust listed Landscape Conservation Area (2013), based on its ‘prime agricultural land with a rural landscape of exceptional scenic value’. The Trust also notes the major scientific significance of the area, stemming from implementation of Peter Andrews' Natural Sequence Farming on the internationally renowned 'Tarwyn Park'.

The Valley road was sealed in 2008/2009, creating a major link between the Hunter and Central West. Regarded as one of Australia’s Top 10 drives it is extremely popular with both drivers and motorbike riders.